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Latest News

Updates from Sea Shepherd related to Operation Toxic Gulf


Nov 04 2014 - Dr. Roger Payne Cites Pollution as the Greatest Problem Facing Whales Today

Sep 05 2014 - Reflecting on Operation Toxic Gulf 2014

Jul 16 2014 - Are you Listening, Rex Tillerson?

Jun 19 2014 - Sea Shepherd and Ocean Alliance Crew of Operation Toxic Gulf to Dock in Pensacola This Weekend for Ship Tours

Jun 16 2014 - Operation Toxic Gulf 2014: Campaign Launch Video

Jun 04 2014 - Sea Shepherd & Ocean Alliance Set Sail on Operation Toxic Gulf 2014

Apr 22 2014 - Every Day is Earth Day

Aug 08 2013 - As the Oceans Choke on Plastic so do the Whales

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