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Operation Leviathan 2006-07 Podcasts

Episode 1

Preparing for Departure


Episode 2



Episode 3

Chief Cook

WMV 1:46

Episode 4

On Patrol

WMV 1:51

Episode 5

Building a Helideck
at Sea

WMV 1:55

Episode 6

Confronting in the

WMV 3:02


Episode 7

Confronting in the Antarctic part 2

WMV 3:34


Bluetongue Brewery Commercial

Australia's Bluetongue Brewery supported Sea Shepherd’s Operation Leviathan campaign to save the whales. They donated funds to purchase our ship's satellite equipment and gave $1.00 per case of beer sold over 6 months during last year’s campaign. Check out the commercial:


Antarctic Whale Defense video
2005-06 Campaign

Narrated by Captain Watson, this video is a compelling look at our efforts to
protect these gentle giants. We are pleased to share this with you.
(10-15MB download size)

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 Thank you for all you do for Sea Shepherd and for the oceans!

sample frames from Defending Whales video

Sea Shepherd thanks Channel G for their generosity in making this video possible! Another big thank-you to Peter Swanzy for his excellent editing work!

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