Defending Whales in Antarctica


Our 2006-2007 campaign Operation Leviathan was the third and most successful Sea Shepherd expedition to the Southern Oceans to intervene against illegal whaling operations by the Japanese fleet in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary.

The ambitious campaign involved the utilization of two ships, (the Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter), a Hughes 300 helicopter (the Kookabura), and 56 crewmembers from 14 different nations.

The Japanese whaling fleet had plans to kill 935 piked (Minke) whales and 50 fin whales. Year after year, the whalers flout international laws, killing thousands of whales. It continues to be our goal to save these gentle giants from the whalers' brutal harpoons. Thankfully, with your help, we were able to do just that.

During Operation Leviathan, we were at sea for five weeks and chased the whaling fleet over thousands of square miles constantly interrupting their whaling activities. We intercepted and engaged the fleet on February 9th and 12th, 2007, and their whaling operations were disrupted saving several pods of whales (see the exciting photos and video of the action).

We are currently preparing the Robert Hunter, helicopter, and crew for another expedition to the vast and frigid waters of the Antarctic in late 2007. Sea Shepherd’s Whale Defense Campaigns will not end until
killing whales is a thing of the past. Please support our efforts today!


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